Hot Jobs

How to apply
Please apply for jobs in the following methods:
1. On-line resume: Please tick the following “Resume Register“ to complete the information.
2. Post your resume via 104 Job Bank
3. E-mail your personal resume to and specify the vacancies you apply for.
Recruitment Procedures:
1. .Please specify the job vacancy your are applying for and the ways to contact you on the resume.
2. After arrangement by Dept. of Human Resources, your resume will be distributed to department chiefs for review.
3. It takes around 1-2 weeks before we decide whether you are recruited.
4. Reviewing and sending recruitment notices take another 1-2 weeks.
5. Provided you still do not receive our notice of interview, it means that there are currently no proper vacancies for you. We will file your information and contact you when proper vacancies are available.
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Notices for interviews:
1. Please make sure with the caller for contact person, telephone number, vacancy, time and date of interview!
2. In case you are unable to be present for the interview, please do inform the contact person of Dept. of Human Resources via phone or e-mail, lest to leave a bad impression.
3. It is suggested that interviewees bring relevant data such as research reports to make chiefs understand you better.
4. Do not be late or arrive earlier. Wear proper clothes and be courteous.
5. Interview procedures: Operator contacting Dept. of Human Resources => interviewees completing information => English test (written test and listening comprehension) => interview by Dept. of Human Resources => interviews by chiefs. The whole procedures take around 2-3 hours. Please spare your time.
6. Good luck to your interviews. If any question, please feel free to contact Dept. of Human Resources.