Company Profile

Management Philosophy

Chairman of Arima Communications – Stephen Lee

Integrated technology, which blurs the boundary between work and entertainment is the new trend of today. People combine the functions of work and entertainmentin the communications era . All sorts of functions like voice, music, images, video, personal assistant, shopping and entertainment are integrated into a mobile phone that we can carry around in our pocket. The communications technology will bring people more convenience in the future. We'll be able to share our wonderful life with others anywhere at anytime

R&D teams and companies, Arima Communications ensures the rigorous control on product quality, global production capacity and delivery time. We have established R&D centers in both Taiwan and Mainland China to keep pace with the most updated technologies.

“Innovation, Quality and Sharing” is the operational philosophy of Arima Communications.
-Innovation wins competition
-Quality wins commitment
-Sharing wins results

On behalf of the company, I'd like to extend my deep appreciation to our clients, investors, employees and the public for their generous support and encouragement. We will devote ourselves to developing intelligent communications products to offer you the most fashionable and perfect mobile phones that will make your life even better in the future.

President's Words –

Ever since its establishment in 1999, Arima Communications has grown from a company of only 10 people to today’s one of the top 2 leading mobile phone providers in Taiwan. Our success is attributed to the joint efforts of our staff, first-class clients and strategic partners. With our continuous progress in the professional development, we have reached the world-class level in the fields of design, R&D, manufacturing, management and customization. Base on our core technology, we will develop advanced products of mobile communication and IoT , and we expect to make people’s dreams come true in the future communications industry.

Arima Communications is very aggressive in quality and technology innovation. Since year 2000, we’ve been continuously improving our design and production workflow to enhance our productivity and offer better products to our clients. In order to significantly increase our production capacity, besides in Taiwan, we also established manufacturing centers in Wujiang, Mainland China.

Quality, delivery and price make the competitiveness of Arima Communications. We possess the core technology for product design, the complete upstream and downstream supply chain, the most precise cost control and time management. Our sufficient production capacity, customization ability and quality assurance not only stand for our leading production technology, but are also the key to our success of attracting world-famous customers. In response to the market needs for different mobile phone bands, we have developed multi-band and multi-mode mobile phones to offer our clients the most comprehensive products.

Advanced technology makes our lives more colorful and convenient. The future of mobile communications is not restricted by any boundaries. Arima Communications will continue to be committed to our corporate vision of “Innovation, Quality, Sharing” to provide the best service for our clients from all over the world.


Our vision is to be a first class mobile device ODM / OEM company to serve our worldwide partners, and maximize customer's value. Arima Communications specializes in mobile communications products and Internet of Things(IoT) products. We orient as a total solution provider, being capable of providing its customers the full plans of market research, product design, product development, manufacture, product certification, global logistics and after-sales service in global presence up to heaps of countries.

Arima Communications also firmly believes that the goal of becoming the " Pioneer in the communications industry " can only be achieved with high efficient and high quality manufacturing capability by upholding innovative ideas, fostering R&D capability and accumulating production momentum.

Global Deployment



1999 Aug.
Arima Communications Corp. founded
2000 Jan.
Developed 1st tri-band GSM mobile phone in Taiwan, and attained FTA certification – being the 2nd manufacturer in the world to receive this honor
2000 Jul.
Procured orders from Ericsson (Sony Ericsson), and executed sales contract
2001 Feb.
Established Nanjing R&D Center
2001 May.
Completion and commissioning of Arima Communications' Wujiang plant
Attained ISO9001 international quality certification
2001 Aug.
Attained Formed formal cooperation with NEC
Attained ISO14001 international environmental protection certification
2001 Dec.
Formed formal cooperation with Toshiba


2002 Apr.
Total shipment volume over 1 million units for a single model
2002 May.
Attained BABT international certification
2002 Oct.
Launched 1st i-Mode / GPRS color display mobile phone in Taiwan
2002 Nov.
Launched 1st i-Mode / GPRS color display mobile phone with built-in camera, MMS, Polyphonic chords, and many other features in Taiwan
2003 Mar.
Shipment volume over 1.2 million units in a single month
2003 Dec.
Annual shipment volume over 10 million units


2004 Jun.
Established Hangzhou R&D Center
2004 Jul.
Achieved " total shipment volume over 10 million units " record for a single model
2004 Jul.
2005 Apr.
Established Smart Phone R&D Center
2005 May.
Established Hsinchu 3G R&D Center
2006 Apr.
Shipment volume over 1.768 million units in a single month
2006 Sep.
Start to build Wujiang 2nd plant
2006 Nov.
Formed formal cooperation with LGE


2007 Jun.
Formed formal cooperation with ETEN
2008 Jan.
Established Jundiai plant in Brazil
2009 Jan.
Formed formal cooperation with acer for smartphone


2011 Apr.
Consolidated revenue exceeded 3 billion in a month.
2011 Dec.
Consolidated shipment exceeded 20 million units.
2012 Oct.
High-end smart phones officially launched
2013 Sep.
Single-quarter revenue of 9.8 billion in the third quarter hit a record high.
2014 May
CN3 Mobile Phone Product Wins SONY 2013 President Award


2015 Nov.
Established a joint venture plant in Indonesia.
2016 Sep.
Invested and Established Colorative Co., Ltd.
2016 Nov.
Invested and Established Arima intelli Co., Ltd.
2017 May.
Invested and Established Arima Acoustic Engineering Corp.
2018 May.
The case to reduce capital to make up for losses passed by the Shareholders meeting.
2018 Sep.
Sold out the shareholding and ended the bussiness of Brazil plant.
2018 Oct.
Plant establishment in Chuzhou and passed by the Board of Directors.
2019 Jun.
Disposed the land,plant and dormitory in Wujiang.
2019 Dec.
Disposed the plant in Kaohsiung.