As an important partner of many international brands, our company  actively meet the Code of Conduct set by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC.) In terms of environmental protection, labor rights, and other aspects, we pay close attentions to be in compliance with international standards.

◎ Environmental Protection: 
(1)  Our Company’s main production factories are based in China and Brazil. The research and development facility is based in Taiwan. There is no environmental pollution situation occurring in those aforementioned offices/factories. In order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the resources that our company utilized, we make great efforts on promoting waste separation and recycling in all of our facilities.

(2)  Periodically, our company has qualified vendors to performing environmental testing to make sure we are in compliance with government standard/requirements. In order to achieve the objective of environmental protection and “cleaner production," we passed the certification of ISO- 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System. Furthermore, we also obtained the certification of  OHSAS / 8001: 2007  to ensure health and safety  at the factory.

(3)  The Company understands climate change may lead to disasters and impacting business operation. We are committed to energy-efficient office environment. 

(4)  Since 2005, we have fully integrated and complied with the EU RoHS environmental requirements, our products are in line with RoHS standards and certified by our clients on RoHS audit. More stringent requirements for our upstream suppliers, we ask their production processes must meet the green procurement and green supply management. We provide support and guidance to help them to reach the standards. 

◎ Employees' Rights: 

(1)  Our company recognized fundamental human rights principles, in accordance with the relevant labor laws and international labor policies. We protect the employees’ rightful benefits and our company believes equal employment opportunities to all.  Proper policies, procedures and execution methods have been established and executed.

(2)  Periodically, our company hosts employee safety awareness seminars for our employees. We also send representatives to attend courses organized by the Government to obtain the most up to date information.  In addition, we have regular employee health checkups to ensure no occupational factors affecting their health.

(3)  To strengthen the competitiveness of the organization and our work force and to sustain our company for the long run, we frequently arrange staff training programs base on the organization's needs and personal career development plans.